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Detective Adam Richardson rocks! He answers questions with brevity and clarity rarely found. He is unpretentious, a quality I value greatly. He’s always seeking ways to give more value and knowledge to his listeners. If you write or read crime fiction, this podcast is for you!

It's a really informative podcast and has definitely helped me better understand how law enforcement works. Plus the music and his voice give an excellent noir feel to it.

As always, clear and succinct answers to questions that often have nothing to do with what I'm writing. There's the chance that I'll need this info in the future, but more than that, it's just so damn interesting!

I'm a writer, and I started listening to this podcast to find out specific information for my story. Now I listen to every episode just because I'm so fascinated with the information Adam shares. I love learning new things, and while this is a genre of TV show I've always enjoyed, it's just so interesting to discover the real story behind the story. Insider information that can make my WIP come alive, like the smell of blood and how you feel when you arrive at a murder scene. Other people's questions that answer things you didn't even know you didn't know or spark new story ideas. And I love how Adam is both a cop and a fiction afficionado, so he can give advice on what's true AND what makes a compelling novel.

I love this podcast, Adam the host tackles listener's questions each week, revealing behind the scenes information on how thrillers work (and why that cop show you love may not be getting things exactly right...! Recommended

This is incredibly informative and Adam has answered all the questions I've put to him. An expert with genuine experience is sort of resource you can't find simply by Wiki-ing (if that's even a verb) or even Googling, unless you stumble across exactly the right forum. Highly recommended for anyone writing fiction that calls for US police involvement.

Thanks so much, Adam. Enjoyed learning about what might happen in an older case and if an officer was falsely accused of something.

Detective Richardson’s podcast is without a doubt one of the best resources available to writers of crime-related fiction, not only for his thorough responses to listener questions on the ins and outs of investigative procedure (and forensic science, and how boring stakeouts usually are), but for all the additional resources he provides, from examples of paperwork, to links to specific penal code, to recommendations on everything from further reading to fantastic TV (my wife and I discovered The Wire and Bosch through this podcast, for which we are eternally grateful). Clear, concise, and often funny. Fully recommended to anyone with even a passing interest in the topic. One of the best!

Consistent real information for writers who want to get the details right for realistic law enforcement characters and procedures. This is a goldmine of information!

Such a great source of information for mystery, suspense, and thriller writers! I've been listening to Adam's podcasts for years now!


This podcast is filled with learning. Not just for writers. Besides helping fiction writers with authentic “cop stuff”, it gives a foundational understanding of the rule of law. I’ve listened since 2018. Very educational. Never miss a segment. If you are new to the podcast, start with segments #001 through #009. Heed the warning on #010, skip the last 5 minutes. Don’t miss #014 on Leadership, #027 on Human Trafficking, #061 on OODA Loops, #048 on Color Codes, #067 on Hate Crimes, and #060 on Bad Cops/Slippery Slope. There are many more good ones. Learn about using a VPN on #030 and #031. Look for the Bloodhound Story, #106. The Future of Policing, #59. Every 18 minute session is valuable. No blue light syndrome. Just searching for the truth.

Adam provides an excellent and informative listening experience. I love this podcast.

Real, Fact-Based Information

Adam pulls no punches. He answers questions in an informed, detailed manner. And, he has tips for writers on how to use the information creating a story. This podcast is solid.

Phenomenal Podcast

Bottom Line: phenomenal podcast. I listen to every episode and always learn something. I discovered the Writer’s Detective Bureau when Joanna Penn interviewed Adam Richardson on her The Creative Penn podcast. I subscribed immediately and, within a couple episodes, signed up as a patron of the show. If you are writing anything in which characters or events encounter or interact with law enforcement in the modern age, you owe it to yourself to follow this podcast. I have learned more listening to this podcast than I have in countless internet searches. I have derived value from every episode, and I write primarily Science Fiction

Writer's Detective Bureau (along with the associated Facebook Group and newsletter) is my go-to source for information and inspiration about fictional detective work. Every week, Det. Adam Richardson brings a wealth of experience to the podcast, and shores up his own knowledge with research and supplemental material. It's a regular part of my prep work when starting a new novel, and if you're interested in telling stories that involve either side of the law, it's well worth taking the time to tune in and listen.

I can't recommend this podcasts enough. I would never have finished my first novel without Adam's invaluable knowladge and genuine encouragements. Thank you so much, Adam!

Comprehensive answers to listener questions well-organized into 20 minute podcasts. One of my mandatory listens. Bonus, Adam has a great voice.

This podcast is not just for writers. I have been listening for more than a year and learn new things about the rule of law every week. To sample a few interesting sessions, listen to some of my favorite segments. Usually 15 to 20 minutes—listen while walking dog. 77 - Quarantine 6 - Air Searches 7 - K-9 Searches 61 - OODA Loops 48 - Color Codes 27 - Human Trafficking 67 - Hate Crimes 14 - Leadership 83 - Swatting (who knew?) 2 - Notifying Next of Kin (good lesson) 4 - Probable Cause 22 - Year End Review 60 - Slippery Slope

I love this podcast. It's professionally made and always contains lots of very useful information for writers of crime fiction. Keep up the amazing work!

Great resource for people interested in police work and the ins and outs

I love listening to this as part of my weekly podcasting binge. I particularly liked the one on hate crimes but I find all of them interesting and informative. I am delighted this podcast has hit the waves.

Fantastic Resource

This is an outstanding resource. Any writer of police procedurals should listen regularly, but the details that come out of this podcast can provide a taste of authenticity to any story where the conflict involves law enforcement. I'm loving this podcast.

Beyond valuable!

This is a MUST of a Writer's Resource - not just for those who write crime thrillers, but for writers in general! And now, I can really make my romantic suspense novel SING!

Outstanding resource

Adam combines his real world experience as a detective with a genuine desire to help writers ground their stories in the reality of police work. Why would anyone writing crime fiction not take advantage of this rare resource?Highly recommended.

The Go To Resource for Mystery Writers

Entertaining, informational, and full of resources. A good show for writers and mystery buffs. Go forth and listen. You will not be disappointed.

Adam rocks this podcast

Adam is superb at explaining and defining the nuances of police work. His podcasts are filled with great details about how police departments are structured and operate. Adam, thanks for sharing your expertise.

Fabulous resource

Just learned about the podcast today and have listened to three episodes. Can’t praise the show enough. The information presented puts any crime fiction writer on a level playing field with an author like Michael Connelly who has his own group of detectives to seek advice from. Even as a retired cop, I learned things from the episodes I’ve listened to especially with respect to the differences in policing in California versus the state I worked in. Highly recommend this podcast and I won’t be missing an episode.

A detective who thinks like a writer!

I found this podcast so helpful I am now sponsoring Adam through Patreon. Adam’s podcast are informative and detailed, and he explains things so clearly and thoroughly. I’ve gotten advice for my crime fiction from a few sources, but the difference with Adam is that he thinks like a writer. He anticipates the scenarios a writer will encounter in fleshing out a story and offers ways to make it work from a storytelling perspective and maintain authenticity. He also values his listeners and their craft.

Font of information

Adam is great at respectfully answering questions, no matter how silly or vapid they might seem. He provides detailed information without getting lost in the weeds. If you are writing detective fiction or any type of story that includes the police, you will benefit from listening to this oidcast.

Love this podcast

What can I say except “Wow!” Adam gives insightful informative facts and details about law enforcement with fun unpretentious patter that engages the listener. I’m a patreon and believe this podcast improves my writing as well as creating a fertile environment for further investigation and forward-thinking storytelling. Bravo.

Excellent resource for writers!

If you need help with law enforcement accuracy in your writing project, look no further. Det. Adam Richardson, currently in law enforcement, provides helpful information in every podcast. The Facebook group is also a great place to get your questions answered.