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You *need* this podcast!

If you’re writing any kind of crime fiction, this is a great show to listen to. Great info, whether you’re writing cozies or urban fantasy or anything in between! I’ll be listening more. :)

Valuable tool for writers.

I"m a big fan of this podcast. Adam does a great job of explaining the world of police work so everyone can understand. This is a must-listen for writers who want to be more authentic in their writing.

Dispatches from Behind the Yellow Tape

Listening to the Writer's Detective Bureau is like being on a ride-along with a police detective. Adam draws on his experience gleaned from a career in law enforcement, and paints a realistic picture of life in law enforcement. A great listen for both writers and civilians alike.

Great resource

If you write crime or thrillers, you need to listen to this show. A wonderful resource

Very Articulate and Clear- and Entertaining!

Adam packs it all in - faces, clarity and entertainment. Superb.

Not just for writers

You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy this show. I’m a fan of crime fiction and really find the stories here to be fascinating and engrossing. I’m hitting the subscribe button for sure!

For Crime Lovers!

I love that Adam shares his knowledge from his experience as a detective! As a true crime addict, this podcast was super interesting.


As someone who is interested in true crime stories, this podcast is EVERYthiNG. Adam is so knowledgable and I find each episode to be completely fascinating!!!! A great suppliment to all my true crime podcasts, too!

What a fantastic idea!

I love that this detective started his own podcast. My son makes movies and we were talking about how they often get police officers on the set (when they are using guns and at other times). He always comes home with amazing stories the officers tell him. Stumbling upon this podcast, I love how this guy is making it easy for artists/authors to "get it right." Great idea!

Is it a crime to give six stars in a five-star world?

It was a dark and stormy night when I reviewed this podcast. I love to write, though I never did any crime writing. If I ever do (or go on to commit crimes), then this is a fantastic resource. Informative and packed full of great info.

Great Podcast

Adam is just great, and he really knows his stuff! I've been listening to this podcast and I really enjoy how he can break things down and decribe them. He truly knows what he is talking about, and I am learning a lot!


This Writer’s Detective podcast is filled with learning. Besides being directed toward helping writers with inside “cop stuff” information, I’m learning things I just didn’t know about the rule of law. I look forward to hearing answers to new questions every week. I really enjoy listening, but I also read the transcripts to grasp better understanding. Thanks for providing both, Det. Adam. I’m signing up on Patreon to help pay for transcriptions. Keep up your good work. Very useful.

Writer gives a salute

As an author, I appreciate what Adam has provided in the podcast! This is a great resource for writers :)


I'm a veteran cop and aspiring writer. I appreciate Adam's perspective and his thorough attention to detail. It's useful to hear how cop shops work in other parts of the country, and I'm looking forward to more episodes. Thanks, Adam!

Entertaining resourceful podcast

Adam does a great job answering all the police procedure etc. questions you could want and he does it with a wry understated sense of humor. Thank you Adam!

Helpful for Police Procedural Writers

I am currently writing my fifth Crime Fiction novel in the Music City Murders series. When I began back in 2006, I had to contact active duty or retired detectives for this kind of help. This podcast offers a great resource any new author could benefit from. Thanks, Adam Richardson.

Great podcast!

Such a great podcast & really useful. As a horror writer knowing about murder methods as well as crime and punishment is invaluable. Bonus points: the host has a great voice!


So excited to have this resource and thankful for all of Adam’s hard work. I’m looking forward to learning more! Keep up the awesome work Adam!

Real answers to your question

Don't let your story fall into the black hole of "It's not really done that way". A great resource for writers. Always learn a lot.

Excellent Writer’s Resource

Adam had been supplying the writing community with excellent “free” technical advice on police procedures for a long time through his Facebook and his website. Now he has expanded to the podcast, and crime writers should bookmark, download, and pay attention to his advice! As a former homicide detective, I can tell you Adam’s technical advising is right on the mark.

Great new podcast

I have been following Adam on Facebook and his email newsletter for some time now. As a police officer and wrtier myself I enjoy learning how cops in other parts of the country do the same job. Adam provides great insight into our job and is able to describe it in a way authors can use to make thier novles better.


This is what I’ve been waiting for! This podcast is grist to the mill for my story and I thoroughly enjoy listening to Adam’s insights and ideas.